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Joseph Jung & Associates has been helping thousands of personal injury victims recover fair and just compensation for their pain & sufferings.

We can help you too if you let us. In addition, Joseph Jung & Associates handles immigration, crimial defense, business disputes, living trusts and patent law. We Put Our Clients' Interest First.

At Joseph Jung and Associates, clients come first. Our goal is to achieve the best result for our clients, not anyone else. We understand what a traumatic and frustrating experience you or your loved ones go through involving an unexpected accident. You want to have someone with knowledge, experience and compassion handle your personal injury claim.

For free Consultation, You are always welcome to call us for free unlimited consultation over the phone at (510) 562-7700 Alternatively, you may fill out the questionnaire form on this web site for Online consultation or simply send us an E-mail. Click either Online consultation Form or E-mail.

There are many questions and concerns that need to be answered and addressed when you have an accident. At Joseph Jung & Associates, we will answer each and every question or concern you may have and handle your claim in a professional, competent and efficient way.

No Fee or Cost Unless We Win For injury cases, you do not pay any attorney's fees OR costs unless we win your case. Once again, we welcome you to our firm's website and thank you for your interest.

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Practice Areas


Vehicular Accidents

Automobile Accidents | Bycycle Accidents | Pedestrian Accidents | Bus Accidents | Motorcycle Accidents | Scooter Accidents

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slippery Floors | Dangerous Public Roads | Defective Stairs | Defective Ladders and Scaffoldings

Other Accidents

Dog Bites | Construction Accidents | Burn Accidents | Property Damage Claims | Insurance Claims


Immigration Family Petition | Reentry Permit | Religious worker Petition (R-1) | Religious worker immigration | Citizenship

Criminal Defense

DUI | Domestic Violence | Theft

Estate Planning

Business Disputes | Contract Dispute | Money Dispute | Living Trust/Probate | Patent Law

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Work Experience
1997 - Now

1997 -

Present Joseph Jung & As

My Strengths

Joseph Jung & Associates has been helping thousands of personal injury victims recover fair and just compensation for their pain & sufferings.

Attorney at Law (Head Attorney)

= Personal injury
= Estate Planning
= Immigration
= Patent
= Crimnal Defense
= Labor Wage and Hour Dispute

1988 - 1996

1993 - 1996

University of San Francisco School of Law

= Juris Doctor
= Receiptent of American Jurisprudence Award in Legal Research & Writting.

1987 - 1992

University of California at Los Angeles

= B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
= Dean's Honor List (Spring of 1988)

Bar Admission
1996 - 1999


United States Patent Bar

= Juris Doctor
= Receiptent of American Jurisprudence Award in Legal Research & Writting.


State Bar of California, Dec.

= B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
= Dean's Honor List (Spring of 1988)

1999 - 2011


National Unification Advisory Council

Council Member (4th term)


CBMC (connecting business and market place to Christ)

Member and Vice President


Korean Lions Club San Francisco



East Bay Korean American Senior Services Center

= Chairman of Board


Korean American Community Center of San Francisco

= Vice President


Korean American Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco

= B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
= Dean's Honor List (Spring of 1988)


Korean American Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco

= Vice President


Ann Miller

"Joseph Jung and Associates as law firm you can trust, honesty, integrity - perservance. It's a win-win situation, Attorney Jung made sure I was fairly compensated. I will recommend anyone to try Joseph Jung and Associates. He can win your case."

David Ramos

"I am very satisfied with Joseph Jung services, and I will also recommend him to all my friends & family. If I ever need a lawyer again, I will be calling Joseph Jung for help. Thank you."

Richard Stanford

"Mr. Joseph Jung was very good at helping me to understand the law and my rights. I was involved in an accident on August 15th and without his help I don't think I would have gotten a fair settlement."

Gregory Daniels

"I am very satisfied with the services he's given me. So with that I am happy to say that he's alright. Giving chance to service my needs."

Margarett Ann Spencer

"Mr. J. Jung is one of the best attorneys I've ever met (he and his associates). He is friendly and to the point. Everything he told me to expect with my case was right on the mark. I would recommend him to others because he's his word. That's something you don't find much. He's kind, respectful and fair. He does an excellent job. we should have more like him."



Joseph Jung & Associates

Do I need a lawyer?

The answer to this question depends upon the complexity and seriousness of the case. The more serious the nature of the injury involved the more likely it is that you will need an attorney. By discussing the case in a free consultation, I can advise you whether it is a matter that you can and should handle on your own, or whether it is in your best interest to retain an attorney. Can I speak to an attorney without incurring costs and/or hiring an attorney? Jung & Associates offers free telephone and office consultations. At these conferences he will get all of the pertinent information regarding your case. He will then advise you of your legal rights and what avenues of legal action are available to you. There is no charge for this service. If you choose to retain our firm, your case will be handled on a contingency fee as described below.

What is the cost to hire an attorney?

Personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. The contingency fee has been called the "key to the courthouse" because it allows persons of all means to obtain the finest legal talent without paying attorneys fees or costs up front. The attorney is paid based on a percentage of the overall recovery. If there is no recovery, the attorney is owed nothing. The amount of the percentage is not set by law and may vary depending upon the nature of the case.

How soon must I file a lawsuit?

In California, for injuries which occur after January 1, 2003, the statute of limitations is two years. For injuries before this date, the statute is still one year. There are however numerous exceptions to this general rule. For example, the time to file may be shorter in the cases against public entities or in civil rights actions. The time may be extended in some cases, for example in those cases involving a minor. As a general rule, the earlier one sees an attorney after his injury the better. Delay in seeing an attorney often is to the benefit of the wrongdoer and seldom to the benefit of the victim.

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